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Pit Cue Co, Southbank, London

Street food is finally starting to make its mark on London and with the growing popularity comes a wider range of food to choose from. The Pit Cue Co is the latest food wagon to gain major applauds and its easy to see why. Specialising in no nonsense American BBQ food, it is a hickory smoked, slow-cooked meat lovers paradise.

pitcueco Pit Cue Co, Southbank, London

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Evi’s Greek Food, Hackney, London

Despite the large Greek community in London, somehow this hasn’t translated into a wealth of good quality Greek restaurants. Apart from Lemonia, a solid but overpriced Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Primrose Hill there really aren’t any places worth a particular mention. I’ve found that if you want the best Greek food you’re better off checking out the various London markets, here you can find far better food and at a fraction of the cost. My favourite, is a small stall on Chatsworth Road Market specialising in freshly made Greek pies.

evisgreekfood Evis Greek Food, Hackney, London

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Asakusa, Camden, London

London is awash with Japanese restaurants but they generally fall into one of two categories. They are either extremely expensive or they are one of the many characterless, uninspiring chains currently taking over the high streets. A good Japanese meal is actually surprisingly hard to come across in London unless you are willing to pay for it, but thankfully there are still a select few places, if you look hard enough, that sell incredible Japanese food and at a reasonable cost.

asakusa Asakusa, Camden, London

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Patogh, Edgware Road, London

Located just a few paces from west London’s bustling Edgware Road, hidden down a characterful side street, Patogh is a tiny little hole-in-the-wall Iranian restaurant selling some of the finest kebabs, grilled meats and authentic meze dishes I’ve ever tasted. Downstairs seating is very limited and bookings are only taken on the day, but turn up without one at your own risk, you could be in for a long wait.

patogh Patogh, Edgware Road, London

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Malletti Pizzeria, Soho, London

Serving up a small slice of Rome in London’s west-end, Malletti’s was dreamed up by a chef from Naples back in the mid 90’s called Antonio Malletti. Not particularly keen on his native Neapolitan style of wood-fired pizza, he believed the Roman interpretation was more appealing to customers because it was so easy to eat and he liked the idea of having the wide selection of different flavours to choose from, and I have to say that I agree.

malletti Malletti Pizzeria, Soho, London

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Franco Manca Pizzeria, Brixton, London

Since opening in 2008 few restaurants in London have created as much buzz as Franco Manca. The first pizzeria in London to really deliver a quality Neapolitan style pizza, it is obvious the people behind the place care about the food they are serving and unlike other pizza places in London, here the emphasis is on quality not quantity. Always busy but worth the wait, this is without a doubt the best place for pizza in London.

francomanca Franco Manca Pizzeria, Brixton, London

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Mangal Ocakbasi, Dalston, London

One of the first Turkish Ocakbasi restaurants to open in London’s east end back in 1990, Mangal number 1 has earned itself a cult status in the world of grilled meats. Starting a trend that restaurants all over London have attempted to imitate, there can only be one true original, and lurking in a Stoke Newington side street, just of the busy Kingsland Road; this is it.

mangalocakbasi Mangal Ocakbasi, Dalston, London

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Tayyabs, Whitechapel, London

If you want to get table at Tayyabs then join the back of the queue. This East End eatery is one of the most popular restaurants in London and it’s no surprise; the food is truly amazing and the price is even better.

tayyabs Tayyabs, Whitechapel, London

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