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Roma Sparita, Trastevere, Rome

A few year’s ago this place was a closely guarded local secret, hidden away in the corner of a secluded courtyard, only a select few people  were lucky enough to know about it, but all that has changed thanks to an American food writer called Anthony Bourdain. Since he featured the restaurant on his TV show, No Reservations, the place has become a tourist Mecca and they all go for the one thing, the best bowl of Cacio e Pepe in Rome.

romasparita Roma Sparita, Trastevere, Rome

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Forno Roscioli, Centro Storico, Rome

There are two Roscioli’s in Rome, one is an upmarket restaurant selling some of the best, most innovative food in the city, while the other is a slightly more modest forno (bakery), which sells breads, pizzas, pastries and at lunchtime some amazing sandwiches, Roman pasta dishes and typical salads of the region.

roscioli Forno Roscioli, Centro Storico, Rome

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Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, Centro Storico, Naples

Yet another pizzeria in Naples’s Centro Storico district, Pizzeria del Presidente would be a heavily revered restaurant anywhere else in the world but on this particular stretch of road it is simply one of many places serving incredible pizza at a ridiculously low price.

delpresidente Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, Centro Storico, Naples

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Malletti Pizzeria, Soho, London

Serving up a small slice of Rome in London’s west-end, Malletti’s was dreamed up by a chef from Naples back in the mid 90’s called Antonio Malletti. Not particularly keen on his native Neapolitan style of wood-fired pizza, he believed the Roman interpretation was more appealing to customers because it was so easy to eat and he liked the idea of having the wide selection of different flavours to choose from, and I have to say that I agree.

malletti Malletti Pizzeria, Soho, London

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Franco Manca Pizzeria, Brixton, London

Since opening in 2008 few restaurants in London have created as much buzz as Franco Manca. The first pizzeria in London to really deliver a quality Neapolitan style pizza, it is obvious the people behind the place care about the food they are serving and unlike other pizza places in London, here the emphasis is on quality not quantity. Always busy but worth the wait, this is without a doubt the best place for pizza in London.

francomanca Franco Manca Pizzeria, Brixton, London

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Pizzeria Di Matteo, Centro Storico, Naples

Napoli’s historical centre is awash with pizzerie and as a result it takes something pretty special to stand out from such an intimidating crowd, but Di Matteo manages to do just that. Founded back in 1936, Di Matteo’s vera (true) pizza, which is made in the authentic way using a wood-fire and from a strict list of ingredients is just about as good as Italian pizza gets, it’s ridiculously cheap too.

dimatteo Pizzeria Di Matteo, Centro Storico, Naples

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Pizzeria Da Michele, Centro Storico, Naples

In danger of becoming a tacky shrine to Julia Roberts, following her life-changing visit in the film Eat, Pray, Love, Vomit, Da Michele is no longer the old school pizzeria it once was. Now more of  a tourist hotspot following recommendations in pretty much every guidebook published, the 1870 founded pizzeria still makes a pretty good pizza, but if you want to avoid the tourists, the long queues and the extortionate prices you’re not missing much if you go somewhere else.

damichele Pizzeria Da Michele, Centro Storico, Naples

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Pizzeria Ai Marmi (Panattoni), Trastevere, Rome

Commonly referred too as the best place for Roman-style, thin-crust pizza in the Trastevere district of Rome, Ai Marmi has enough seating for well over 100 customers and most nights is full to the point of bursting. That kind of popularity rarely lies, but in this case I’m not so sure…

aimarmi Pizzeria Ai Marmi (Panattoni), Trastevere, Rome

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Pizzarium, Prati, Rome

Widely regarded as one of the best places for pizza al taglio in Rome, the ten-minute walk from the ridiculously busy Vatican is worth the detour if only to escape the hordes of tourists, but don’t expect the cheap meal the guidebooks proclaim; the food is overpriced and in my opinion overrated.

pizzarium Pizzarium, Prati, Rome

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Forno Campo de’ Fiori, Centro Storico, Rome

This small bakery in the corner of Campo de’ Fiori is divided into two separate shops, with one specialising in cakes, bread and biscuits and the other in pizza al taglio. Both produce some of the best baked goods in Rome, but the pizza is bordering on perfection.

fornocampodefiori Forno Campo de Fiori, Centro Storico, Rome

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Pizzeria La Montecarlo, Centro Storico, Rome

A few steps from the busy Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Pizzeria La Montecarlo is located in the heart of Rome’s historic centre, but don’t let that put you off. Serving simple, no-frills Roman food, this one of the few restaurants in this heavily touristic area that serves up consistently good food and at a great price.

lamontecarlo Pizzeria La Montecarlo, Centro Storico, Rome

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00100 Pizza, Testaccio, Rome

One of the best new boutique Pizzerie in Rome, 00100 has only been in business since last year, but already it has managed to achieve worldwide recognition for its originality, quality and innovation.

00100 00100 Pizza, Testaccio, Rome

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Panificio Fornaci, Vatican, Rome

Located on the other more-residential side of the Vatican, Panificio Fornaci sells some of the best baked goods in Rome. The freshly made pizza al taglio is as good as anywhere and the jam and cream filled cornetti are unquestionably the best I’ve ever eaten.

panificiofornaci Panificio Fornaci, Vatican, Rome

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Pizzeria Dar Poeta, Trastevere, Rome

This small Trastevere pizzeria features in most reputable guide books and is constantly recommended as one of best places in Rome to enjoy a pizza, but don’t believe the hype, Dar Poeta is one of Rome’s most overrated restaurants.

darpoeta Pizzeria Dar Poeta, Trastevere, Rome

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