Pizzeria Ai Marmi (Panattoni), Trastevere, Rome

Commonly referred too as the best place for Roman-style, thin-crust pizza in the Trastevere district of Rome, Ai Marmi has enough seating for well over 100 customers and most nights is full to the point of bursting. That kind of popularity rarely lies, but in this case I’m not so sure…

aimarmi Pizzeria Ai Marmi (Panattoni), Trastevere, Rome

Named after the long marble counters and nick-named the mortuary for the very same reason, Ai Marmi is arguably the most popular, and according to the majority, the best pizzeria in Trastevere. The atmosphere is lively, the rows of communal tables are cramped and uncompromising but there’s always a friendly buzz in the air.

Usually understaffed, if you’re looking for a quick meal this isn’t the place to go, despite the wood-fired oven pizzas taking less than a minute to cook, I’ve been left waiting for my food for almost an hour on more than one occasion. But when they eventually turn up I have never been left disappointed, the thin, crispy base is always perfect, the ingredients fresh and full of flavour and the range of different toppings available is as good as anywhere too.

While you are waiting for the pizza to arrive I strongly recommend trying both the suppli and filetti di baccalà (battered cod). Both are amazing and will help fill a whole ten minutes leaving only fifty left to sit and wait.

The cost isn’t particularity redeeming either, with the cheapest pizzas starting from around €7 it is more expensive than a lot of similar places, but given the popular location, the great vibe and the consistently high quality of food, there are few places in the city where you could and expect to sample a better example of a traditional Roman pizza, it’s open till 2am daily too.

Pizzeria Ai Marmi (Panattoni) Pizzeria
Cost: €12pp
Address: 53/59 Viale Trastevere, Rome
Open: Thu-Tue 7pm-2am; closed Wed

aimarmi 2 Pizzeria Ai Marmi (Panattoni), Trastevere, Rome

aimarmi 3 Pizzeria Ai Marmi (Panattoni), Trastevere, Rome

aimarmi 5 Pizzeria Ai Marmi (Panattoni), Trastevere, Rome