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To Steki, Bologna

As I recently discovered on a trip to Bologna, if you’re looking for something to eat after 10pm you’ll have a very hard time finding anywhere that will serve you. Luckily after a lot of searching I stumbled across To Steki, a Greek style taverna that stays open until the early hours. What was more surprising though was the standard and the price of the food that was being served. I realise that eating Greek food when you are in the home of Italian cuisine is somewhat sacrilegious, but the meal actually turned out to be one of the best of the entire trip.

tosteki To Steki, Bologna

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Evi’s Greek Food, Hackney, London

Despite the large Greek community in London, somehow this hasn’t translated into a wealth of good quality Greek restaurants. Apart from Lemonia, a solid but overpriced Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Primrose Hill there really aren’t any places worth a particular mention. I’ve found that if you want the best Greek food you’re better off checking out the various London markets, here you can find far better food and at a fraction of the cost. My favourite, is a small stall on Chatsworth Road Market specialising in freshly made Greek pies.

evisgreekfood Evis Greek Food, Hackney, London

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